A challenge to Canadian politicans:

Step up and do better!

Governments at all levels have failed Canadian families and individuals struggling with mental health and addictions issues. Politicians say they are concerned and attempt to demonstrate their commitment by increasing spending by millions of dollars or supporting this or that program. Despite what politicians claim, everywhere you look in Canada from the west coast to the east cost to the far north, Canadians are struggling to get the services and supports they need. Often they don't get the help they need. Too often, the results are tragic and terrifying. It's time for politicians to step up and do better!

What are the goals of this site?

This site is pursuing two goals:

1. Creation of a Mental Health and Addictions Secretariat within the Prime Minister's Office.

2. Creation of Ministries of Mental Health and Addictions at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels of government.

For more information on these goals,  click Goal 1 and Goal 2 in the menu bar above.

Why was this site created?

It's hoped this site can build  and expand on the successful advocacy of  17-year-old student, Noah Irvine, who lost his mother to suicide and his father to prescription drug overdose.


A classroom writing assignment on mental illness and addictions eventually lead the student to a one-on-one meeting with the  federal Minister of Health and a twenty-minute phone call with Prime Minister Trudeau to talk about the two goals: the Secretariat and a Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions. The Minister and the PM thought the ideas were worthy of further discussion.


What can you do to help?

Many politicians seem to forget that mental health and addictions are serious issues unless they can brag about how much more they are spending on these matters, are participating in high-level conference  where the cameras are rolling, or use an event for political gain.

You can help by reminding politicians at all levels about the urgent need for real improvements in mental health and addictions care and support. Call, write and email them frequently. Ask them what they're doing to improve mental health and addictions services.

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