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Talking with zoomers, boomers and seniors

Noah spoke to the Maryhill, Ontario, New Horizons group on May 10. Joan Haid, the group's program organizer booked Noah last November because, in her words, she "likes to get the best ones first."

Noah is one of three people on the show

who talk about how they've dealt with loss

Click the picture to connect with the segment on Noah. The other two are equally interesting. You can reach them here and here.

Cities are on the front lines of Canada's mental health and addictions crisis
This channel is coming soon!
Toronto Mayor John Tory does an good job explaining the challenges cities face in dealing with Canada's mental health and addictions crisis.  Cities are on the front lines everyday. This why cities need to have an important role in developing and implementing solutions to the mental health and addictions crisis which has an impact on every Canadian municipality. (Video originally published on FaceBook by Red Cache Network, April 10, 2018)